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Polo is a way of life for those who are fortunate enough to have this experience.  An equestrian tradition dating back to over 2500 years in Persia.  The Persians invented polo as a cavalry art and overtime it evolved into the fastest sport played by man and horse.  A unique perspect on polo.

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The proud culture of USC has been a gift to those who have been initiated into this proud and powerful tradition.  A look into the tradition of the Trojan Horse known as Traveler and the experience and emotion that is without rival in the collegiate world of sports and tradition. Overview and photos

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Photos of Persian Immortals of the Achaemenid Persian Empire and the Sassanian Immortals known as the Savaran Heavy Cataphracts.  These are photos from my personal collection of Achaemenid and Sassanian armor, weapons and clothing that I own and train with

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Kendo is literally the "Way of the [Japanese] Sword." It is derived from kenjutsu, the sword techniques developed by Samurai warriors throughout Japan's history of feudal warfare. Kendo is always practiced with two dueling opponents and on a smooth, pliable wooden floor. To prevent injuries, shinai (bamboo swords) and bogu (fencing armor) are used in place of the sharpened katana and yoroi (samurai armor).

Like most Japanese forms today, kendo has both a traditional martial art component and a sport/tournament component. Most kenshi will inevitably participate in tournaments for the exhilaration and potential for glory. However, kendo is first and foremost a martial art. Kendo is more than just a sport, it places emphasis on spiritual development and technical discipline as well as the practical application of using a sword on the medieval battlefield.

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