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(Gunnar) Ryan Wiik - Producer, Entrepreneur and Actor


Gunnar Ryan Wiik born September 23, 1981, also known as Ryan Wiik, is an actor, producer and entrepreneur best known for founding the publicly traded entertainment company WR Entertainment.Career In the late summer of 2005, Wiik was a contestant in a Norwegian talent search TV show, Filmstjerne (English translation: “Movie Star”). In 2007, Wiik appeared in the thriller, Timber Falls, directed by Tony Giglio, playing the role of James.

Articles in the daily financial newspapers revealed that investment banks, investors, and publicly traded companies in the U.S. were interested in funding the transaction. Among them were Lionsgate Entertainment, which had expressed interest to participate in the $90-million equity transaction. WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. was in 2015 acquired by the Norwegian parent company WR Entertainment ASA, in which Wiik became a major shareholder and member of the public company's board of directors.

In December 2015 WR Entertainment ASA applied for admission to trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market, and was subsequently approved and rang the opening bell on January 13, 2016.  The Daily Variety reported that WR Films had acquired the motion-picture rights to all 83 novels in the best-selling Morgan Kane series, which had sold more than 20 million books to date.



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Ardeshir Radpour - Bio and Resume



Ardeshir Radpour was born in Tehran Iran in November of 1969 and moved to the United States in 1977.  As a Zoroastrian Persian sharing a tradition going back to the time of Cyrus the Great, Ardeshir has strived to keep alive and promote the proud history of the Ancient Persians.  His undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern California were in Political Science and History with emphasis in Business and a graduate degree from California State University Northridge in Political Science.

While attending USC, he was the captain of the Equestrian Polo Teams and upon his graduation began to play professionally and still maintains a professional status.  From the fundamentals of Dressage and polo to the Cavalry arts, Ardeshir spent everyday riding and training to achieve a classical and formal discipline in Horsemanship.   After completing his Bachelor’s degrees at USC, Mr. Radpour became the assistant coach and in 1999 was promoted to the Head Coaching Position.  Mr. Radpour was also one of the most renowned Riders of Traveler, the University of Southern California’s Trojan Mascot.

Mr. Radpour is an entertainment industry professional with an extensive background in film and television.  His networks in various departments and his previous business history have forged a natural path towards film production.  Prior to a full time career in the entertainment field, Mr. Radpour was the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Tridian Design and Development. Tridian was one of the first and leading Internet Design and Development firms in Los Angeles.  Tridian maintained a client list of Fortune 500 clients ranging from top tier entertainment and media, automotive, manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, manufacturing and defense contractors. 

In 2008 Mr. Radpour made a full time transition into the entertainment industry pursuing a path towards film production.  In 2011 Mr. Radpour met and joined forces with Gunnar Ryan Wiik, the founder of WR Entertainment and was announced as one of the in house producers for their production list of feature films.  Mr. Radpour has built an extensive network of extremely high net worth and influential individuals within the financial, polo and entertainment industries.