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Polo is a way of life for those who are fortunate enough to have this experience.  An equestrian tradition dating back to over 2500 years in Persia.  The Persians invented polo as a cavalry art and overtime it evolved into the fastest sport played by man and horse.  A unique perspect on polo.


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Classically trained in dressage but chose to play polo professionally.  Played at USC on the varsity team and after graduating in 93 also became the assistant coach and head coach from 97 on.  Professionally played for prestigious teams such as Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Piaget, Jaeger Le Couture, Tiffany's, Jaguar, Hennessy, Mansour, Harry Winston, Harrod's of London to name a few in games such as the US Arena Open, Skins Cup, Legends Cup, British Polo Days, UBS Championships, at various clubs such as Santa Barbara Polo Club, San Diego Polo Club, Empire Polo Club, Houston Polo Club, West Palm Beach Polo Club.  Have also coached many prestigious polo teams such as The USC polo team, The United States Marines Polo Team, The Unites States Army Polo Team and the Iranian National Polo Team.  As far as movie and t.v. work with polo, helped coordinate the polo in Follow your heart and Revenge, trained Joel Edgerton for the polo scenes in The Great Gatsby and set them up with their contacts and information in Australia as well as work on many commercials for Bentley, Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Hennessee, Toyota and Fox Sports and Veuve Clicquot.